When the temperatures outside start to drop, there are several important maintenance steps that you should take before you turn on your heating system for the first time. This includes being sure to repair rusty boilers if you have a water central heating system. Taking a few minutes to look for rust and then to repair any damage that may exist could help to prolong the life of your entire system and also ensure that everything keeps running as efficiently as is possible.

Boiler Services in Lake in the Hills

If you have a problem with rust in your boiler there are good odds that you may not see any exterior evidence of it. Even a very serious leak is rarely evidenced by a wet patch on the floor around the boiler. Without seeing immediate evidence of this you may be tempted to ignore any minor problems that could spiral into much more expensive and expansive damage.

Here are three warning signs that could indicate that you may need to call in for a professional to repair rusty boilers in your home:

  • Minor exterior surface rust should be you first indication that there could be a more serious damage developing with the boiler. Further investigation should be done in order to rule out any other potentially serious damage on or inside of the boiler.
  • If there is any rust around the boilers relief valve then you may also notice a small leak. This is a problem that does need to be addressed as soon as is possible, by a professional.
  • Holes in the boiler or large flakes of rust falling off of the boiler are definitely indications that you will need to repair rusty boilers in your home.

Boiler Repair in Lake in the Hills

Once a rust problem has been identified, it is important that you call in the pros to handle the replacement of your boiled. A very handy homeowner could certainly attempt to repair rusty boilers; however, it is generally not advisable because it can be all too easy to make a mistake during the reinstallation process. A small mistake with something not being tightened correctly could quickly lead to a leak, or even a flood in your home.

  • Repairing Minor Surface Rust: If the rust problem that you have is a very minor, for example, superficial spots of surface rust, then there are good chances that the boiler is salvageable and wont require outright replacement. The rusted area can be cleaned, the rust can be removed, and a patch can be applied to the surface of the boiler. The boiler must be closely monitored in order to ensure that no leaks occur as a result of the superficial rust.
  • Replacing a Relief Valve: If there is rust around the boilers relief valve then the repair is fairly simple when handled by a professional. The relief valve can be replaced, tested, and then the entire boiler can be examined to determine if addition repairs to the boiler will be required.
  • When Repairs are Not Possible: There are going to be times where it is just not possible to repair rusty boilers. If the water leak has been allowed to get out of control, the rust damage might be so severe that outright replacement is going to be the best option.

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