Keeping cool is the number-one priority for residents across Schaumburg, IL at this time year, as temperatures are soaring and the hot sun is beaming. However, while your residential AC unit in Schaumburg, IL may provide you with cool air, it’s possible that it’s costing you far too much on energy bills. While there’s no denying having cool air is important, you need to make sure your air conditioner isn’t putting a damper on your summertime relaxation due high energy bills.

Approved Comfort is here to provide you advice on how you can maintain a high level of energy efficiency with your home cooling. We want to see you enjoy the summer to its fullest, and part of that is making use you have an air conditioning system that works tremendously in providing effective yet effective cool air.

Helpful Energy-Efficient Tips for Your Residential AC Unit in Schaumburg, IL

Don’t allow the summer to pass you by without giving your AC unit the chance to improve its level of efficiency. Instead, take the following actions:

  • Got dirty filters? Clean or replace them immediately. Dirty air filters in your AC can result in blocked air flow that will only force your air conditioning system to work even harder to produce cool air. You may see your energy consumption double as a consequence. Cleaning or replacing filters regularly will guarantee efficient performance.
  • Call for annual maintenance from a licensed professional. Calling for maintenance once a year will ensure any problems with your AC that could impact efficiency are stopped in their earliest stages. No problem will go unnoticed under the watchful eye of our professionals.
  • Be careful where you install a residential AC unit. Any areas in direct contact with sunlight may result in the unit working harder to cool air, as the sensors will believe it’s hotter than in reality. Installing a unit in a shadier area will give your AC less air to cool and reduce its energy consumption.
  • Seek air conditioning replacement if you think your current system isn’t providing you with the same level of energy efficiency it once did. Modern air conditioning systems on the market today can save you 30% to 50% on energy spending. In addition, they can last you much longer in providing you with a high level of cool air.

Contact Approved Comfort today if you want to save money on energy bills and we’ll help improve efficiency for your residential AC unit in Schaumburg, IL!