Central air conditioning uses ducts to disburse cool air throughout more than one room. It performs like a window AC unit, but has a number of advantages over window units.

Air Filtration

When a central air unit turns on, air from different parts of a home or other type building is pulled through a filter, which removes dust and lint particles. The filtered air is then carried back to rooms. And since the condenser unit of a central air conditioning system is located outside, theres much less noise than that associated with a window unit.

Window units can also pose a hygienic problem in the home. They can be repositories for dust and other allergens, and because there are inevitably gaps between the wall and where the unit sits, those allergens may be enter your home from outside as well.

Save Some Money

There can be substantial cost savings associated with a central air conditioning system as well. Instead of multiple rooms employing window units, one single system generates cool air throughout the building. A central air system uses more power than a window unit, but much less power than several window units. It takes a lot of electricity to engage an air conditioner; multiply that initial power usage by each window unit, and it will quickly become clear that a central air system is much more efficient from a electricity consumption standpoint. The more rooms needing to be cooled, the more efficient a central air system becomes.

If you should decide to have a central air conditioning system professionally installed, there are a few determinations that need to be made. Its important to know, first of all, what type of system will be required to ensure your home will be sufficiently cooled during the hottest temperatures. The way your home faces, type of architecture of the home, amount of shade cover and amount of sun exposure are but some of the factors that will determine what kind of system is right for you. Homes with a lot of windows that face the south or west, for example, will likely need a unit with a larger compressor. Homes facing north or east, and smaller homes, wont need as large a system.

When the time comes to get that central air conditioning system, call Approved Comfort. Well send out a trained, qualified technician who will evaluate your home and help determine what you need.