The refrigerant inside of your air conditioning system is a fluid that absorbs the heat generated by the both the indoor and the outdoor units. The refrigerant is either in a liquid or a vapor state; it changes to vapor by adding heat and is changed back into a liquid by removing heat. It is important that you have your air conditioning refrigerant level inspection completed as a part of your routine maintenance program every six months.

When your air conditioning service professional arrives he will be able to do the air conditioning refrigerant level inspection for you in next to no time at all. However, there are also a few ways that you may be able to tell that your refrigerant levels are leaning towards the low end.

  • If your air conditioner seems to be struggling to cool down your home it could very well be low on refrigerant. Remember that an AC system is still able to produce a good amount of cool air even if it has lost as much as 60 percent of its refrigerant. But you will still see a marked decrease in its efficiency.
  • If there is absolutely no output of cold air from your system then you may be facing a major loss of refrigerant through a leak located somewhere throughout the system.

Remember that if your air conditioner is struggling to effectively cool down your home it does not necessarily mean that your system is running low on refrigerant. You may have another problem causing the issues with your system so it is important to have a skilled service professional, who has an understanding of the various components and how they could break down.

Your service professional will do his air conditioning refrigerant level inspection by using a set of air conditioning gauges. These gauges help to determine the amount of pressure that is in the system.

The majority of air conditioning systems lose refrigerant over the course of time and may even develop small leaks. Older systems may lose as much as 6 ounces of AC refrigerant over the course of a year whereas newer AC systems are designed to have a tighter seal and should leak significantly less. However, by doing an annual air conditioning refrigerant level inspection your service technician will be able to help you to ensure that you never run into a situation where you are low on refrigerant.

The only exception would be if your system sprung a refrigerant leak. If you notice damp or oily spots anywhere near your system then you may have a problem with a leak. Additionally, if your annual air conditioning refrigerant level inspection determines that you have lost more than 90 percent of your refrigerant then you very likely have a major leak in the system that needs to be located and repaired in order to maintain the health and functionality of your air conditioning system. If air conditioning refrigerant is not correctly handled it could cause injury to a homeowner attempting to adjust his own levels. Place your trust in your service professionals hands and let him take care of the situation for you.