For most AC repairs, a professional technician is required. But there some simple repairs you can handle yourself.

Basic Cleaning

If your air conditioner is not cooling properly, it might just need to be cleaned. Before you begin, turn off the power to the unit, not only at the thermostat but also at the main electrical panel in your house. Next, rake leaves and other debris away from the outdoor condenser, since these may be restricting the AC units airflow. Trim bushes that could be causing airflow restriction as well.

Remove the protective grills and the top cover of the condenser grill. If there is a fan attached to the grill, be extremely careful not to pull any wires loose. Use a soft brush to clear dirt and other debris from inside the unit. Again, do this very gently and carefully to avoid damaging any inside components. Reassemble the unit, reset the power, and turn it back on. Let it run for five minutes or so, then feel the two pipes running from the condenser to the air handler. One should feel warm and the other should feel cool. If this does not solve the problem, call a technician, because its likely the refrigerant needs to be recharged.

Basic Electrical Stuff

Another common problem is that the air conditioner simply will not turn on. If thats the case, first set the thermometer well below room temperature. Check your electrical panel and look for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. Make sure the outdoor condensers power switch hasnt been turned off. It can usually be found in a metal box mounted on a wall in your house.


Water pooling next to an outdoor air conditioning unit can be another problem sign. Air conditioners create a lot of condensation that should be carried away by a small pump. If water is collecting at the bottom of the unit, something could be blocking the waters flow and adversely affecting the pump. Check to see if you have a leaky tube and replace if necessary. Ice could also be blocking the tube, possibly caused by a dirty filter. If the filter appears clean, however, you may, once again, have a refrigerant problem that needs to be fixed by a technician.

If the do-it-yourself approach doesnt work, give us a call at Approved Comfort. We will conduct a detailed diagnostic check of your system to determine whether AC repair or replacement will be the best solution for you.