We receive calls several times a week from people experiencing common furnace problems in Inverness, IL. While some of these problems can be fixed by a do-it-yourselfer, the vast majority of them must be addressed by a trained expert.

Here are some of the more typical problems that we encounter on a regular basis.

Thermostat Problems in Inverness, IL

If you have already checked the battery, make sure the power supply to your furnace hasnt been interrupted. If that checks out and your thermostat still isnt working, then youll probably need to replace it.

Sometimes, a thermostat is not correctly paired to a gas furnaces capabilities and capacity, and as a result the furnace routinely causes problems. Call an Approved Comfort technician and well send one out to make sure your thermostat and furnace are compatible.

Electric Furnace Ignition Problems in Inverness, IL

Its important that you familiarize yourself with they type of ignition system your electric furnace uses. To make that determination, open the front of the furnace, turn it on, and observe the burner. If one small flame starts, and then ignites the burners, you have an intermittent pilot system. If all the burners activate as soon as you turn on the furnace, you have a direct ignition system.

By knowing the type if ignition system you have, youll know when its not operating correctly. This is not a problem that you can fix yourself, but at least youll know to contact a professional before that problem becomes worse.

Noisy Furnace Problems in Inverness, IL

If youre noticing squeaks and squeals, there can be a number of reasons. The motor could be failing or you could have an air leak in the ductwork. Check the joints where the sheet metal in your ductwork is connected; if you notice a leak, seal the areas with putty or duct tape. The noise could be due to a misaligned door as well. Make sure the door is in the place it should be. If neither one of these minor fixes works, and you continue to hear noises, then you may have a motor problem that can only be fixed by a trained technician.

Furnace Blower Fails to Turn off in Inverness, IL

You should first check your thermostats fan switch. If it is set to on, low, medium or high, then the fan will operate continuously. The auto setting, on the other hand, will only operate the fan until the home is heated to the setting of the thermostat.

If the blower keeps running even if the thermostat is set to auto, then you may have a clogged filter that has affected the limit stitch. When the temperature inside the furnace gets too high, the limit switch is supposed to turn off the fire. However, clogged filters can easily damage limit switches to the point they need replacement. Again, this is the type of job that should be left to a professional technician.

If you notice these or any other types of furnace problems, call Approved Comfort for an expert and accurate diagnosis.