The compressor is one of the most vital parts of an air conditioning system. Actually, wait, we dare say it is the most vital part of an air conditioning system. Without it working properly, your AC won’t be able to work properly. The compressor’s job is to compress gas from the refrigerant and pump it through the system so it can remove heat and humidity from the air. When it’s unable to perform this function, the heat and humidity stay, making your home uncomfortable. Though compressors can last a long time, you need AC compressor repair in Hoffman Estates, IL to keep it working once it experiences issues.

Approved Comfort understands more than anyone just how important AC compressor repair in Hoffman Estates, IL can be to the overall quality of cool air in your home. That’s why we are happy to provide the best AC compressor repair in the area, conducted by fully trained and licensed technicians who can get your compressor back in good condition. Of course, with summertime on the horizon, it’s more important than ever that you call us to ensure you have air conditioning as the temperatures outdoors begin to rise.

AC Compressor Repair in Hoffman Estates, IL: Why Do You Need It?

Identifying what causes your AC compressor to fail will help you take the steps in preventing it in the future. While there are many ways your compressor can malfunction, we would identify these as the most common reasons:

  • Dirty Coils: When dirt, dust, and other debris build up on your condenser coils, the AC is prevented from expelling heat and forced to work even harder to produce cool air. Due to the increase in both temperature and pressure, this may cause your compressor to overheat and eventually fail.
  • Low Refrigerant: Any holes or cracks in the refrigerant line will eventually cause the refrigerant to leak out of the air conditioning. This will eventually cause refrigerant levels to sink so low that will cause the compressor to work even harder to pump it out and eventually break down.
  • Poor Electrical Connections: An electrical problem may cause a buildup of other acids that can eventually damage other parts of your AC, including the compressor. In this case, have a professional inspect the AC for any faulty wiring or fuses in need of treatment.
  • No Oil Lubricant: Oil lubricant is the juice that keeps your compressor working. In fact, it can keep your entire AC system working. A lack of lubricant at all can lead to not only AC compressor failure, but also a slew of other problems as well. A responsible technician will inspect lubricant levels to see if they are low enough to require refilling.

Contact Approved Comfort today if you need AC compressor repair in Hoffman Estates, IL for any of these reasons and more! Our service may just be the one thing that keeps you cool this summer!