Have you recently purchased an older home with no preexisting laundry connections? Or are you installing new washer and dryer units that require an upgrade to your current venting system? While it is a relatively simple process to set a room up in your home, or your garage, as your new laundry room, it is important that you take the time to have your dryer vent installation done by a professional who will be able to ensure that everything is operating as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Why You Need A Dryer Vent

The proper installation of a dryer vent can help to extend the life of your dryer while simultaneously working to keep your energy costs under control. Another benefit to the correct installation of your dryer vent is that venting the warm air away from the machine and the accumulation of dryer lint can help to reduce the risk of fire.

Whether yours is an electrical or a gas dryer, correct dryer vent installation needs to be made a priority with any homeowner. Keep in mind that many makers of clothes dryers will void the warranty on your product if the dryer vent has not been installed per their instructions.

The clothes dryer in your home is one of the most expensive appliances to run and when it is not allowed to operate in the most efficient manner possible you could easily be adding several hundred dollars to what you pay in energy costs every single year.

Venting Through An Outside Wall

If your laundry facilities are going to be located near an external wall then you may find that your service professional recommends creating a hole in the external wall and running a rigid vent hose from the dryer to the external vent. This would be the easiest and less labor-intensive process.

If, on the other hand, your laundry room is located in the middle of your home then it should be vented through the ceiling of your home. Before the installation of your new appliances it is important that you ensure that you existing venting system is in good shape; it could be a little bit more of a costly venture for a homeowner to pay for a new dryer vent installation now than rather face one or more serious issues further on down the line.

Failing to install a proper dryer ventilation system can also lead to an increase in mold and mildew in your laundry room and also in other areas of your home. By keeping your laundry room dry and free of lint you may be able to make doing laundry a little less of a chore!

Another handy tip for homeowners is to ensure that their dryers lint trap is not allowed to get overly full as this could increase the risk of a fire starting in your home; a good rule of thumb is to empty the lint trap between dryer loads. Doing so will help to keep the fire risks low and also increase the efficiency of your clothes dryer.