Airflow needs to be strong for dryer to function properly

A customer called as a follow-up to a dryer vent cleaning a few weeks prior. Professionals came out and cleaned the vents, but the dryer then stopped drying his clothes. In this particular case, it can be easily assumed that the sudden change in dryer functionality is due to the recent cleaning. However, if you suspect there may be something wrong with the venting in your drying unit, there are a couple things you can look for.

  1. Is the airflow strong? You will be able to feel the strength if you touch the exterior vent while it’s running
  2. Is the venting hose connected to the dryer? Does it have an awkward bend that is causing it not to function properly? Bends and tears alter air flow and encourages lint buildup. Air flow is one of the two factors that play a part in drying your clothes so if it’s in any way obstructed that’s a problem.

If you can’t figure out why your dryer isn’t working as it should, or you need maintenance on your vents, call Approved Comfort today.