Never thought about your dryer vent before? Better start now


Like most people, you probably do laundry at least once a day. What you may not do is think about how your dryer vent is performing. Do you know if it’s clean or clogged?

On the outset it doesn’t seem important because a dryer vent doesn’t affect your every day life, but it will if it comes crashing and burning down. No, seriously. If you leave it without a thought for a long enough time, it can become clogged and possibly cause a fire.

Not only is it good to routinely have your vent filter cleaned, but to also be aware of the most common problems associated with dryer vents so you can try and prevent them from occurring:

  1. Vent hose not connected: Checking to make sure your hose is attached to the dryer will save you a lot of headaches down the road. A disconnected vent hose is the culprit of the accumulating dust behind the dryer.
  2. Critters within the dryer vent: This becomes a problem when birds, wasps, mice, and other pests crawl right up into the warm confines of your dryer. Normally, you will have flap covers over the exit of your vent that open when the dryer is in use and close when it’s off. If those are broken, it explains how such critters get into the vent. The worst part about this, though? These animals can sometimes fall back into your vent hose and die, causing a rotting carcass to smell up your home.
  3. Vent system is too long: It’s recommended that you keep your system no longer than three feet to ventilate efficiently and prevent clogs.
  4. Clogged and dirty vents: Having a clogged vent can lead to a carbon monoxide leak, house fires, mold, and termites – none of which you want.


Don’t wait too long to have your dryer vent cleaned or repaired. Call Approved Comfort today so we can take care of any problems you may be having!