Dear Mr. Martin,

In June, I had multiple companies give me bids on replacing my air conditioner. After reviewing the bids and reviewing your online reviews, I decided to go with Approved Comfort.

Your one-year test drive guarantee, made the choice very easy for my wife and I. On the day of the installation, I thought the air conditioner looked too big and I had second thoughts, I did not want the installation to be completed. Your sales manager came out and showed me that it was just a little larger compared to my old unit, but to me it looked huge. He then explained that the unit was larger due to the increase of its efficiency. He then said he would come back the following weekend and plant flowers around the unit to help soften the look.

The installation was completed as planned by your great installers.

Saturday morning, Dave arrived as promised. I could not believe what I was seeing. He was in my yard planting flowers around my new air conditioner, at no extra charge to me. I cannot believe he did that.

Its nice to see people still honor their words and go the extra mile for a customer. The new unit is great, it cools the house better than ever, and it is a lot quieter than the old one too.


P.S. The flowers look awesome too.


Robert Williams
Elgin IL