If you have stumbled upon this post and do not know what a heat pump is, they are a highly effective, alternative method of heating your home. Heat pumps use a small amount of energy to transfer heat from what is known as a “heat source (i.e. the air or the ground) into a “heat sink” (i.e. your home or company building).

Heat pumps are an excellent resource for enhancing your home’s efficiency because they are capable of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, no matter the climate, and will not have effect on your utility bills. Unlike combustion-based heating systems like furnaces, heat pumps only transfer heat from a preexisting source as opposed to having to burn fuel to create it.

Heat Pump Repair Features in Elgin

When it comes to heat pump repair and service needs, do not look past Approved Comfort. We can fix any problem that you’re dealing with, whether it involves your heat pump freezing up, odd noises coming from it, or even if it is not generating as much heat as you’d like.

Our heating experts at Approved Comfort are always quick to diagnose your heat pump problems, and we will provide you with a solution, as well as a detailed cost estimate, before we begin doing any work.

Heat Pump Repair Benefits in Elgin

Energy efficiency is undoubtedly the most important factor when it comes to heating your home. As your heat pump grows older, though, its efficiency rate will begin to decrease. If your heat pump is over 10 years-old, it is probably a smart idea to think about having your unit repaired. That’s because your heat pump may be performing at a much lower energy efficiency rate than it was once at. With regular repair work and service, however, you can expand your heat pump’s lifespan and keep it running well for years to come.

Approved Comfort has been helping homeowners with all of their heating problems since 2005. We will gladly repair your heat pump, regardless of the make or model.

Need your heat pump repaired or serviced by a heating professional? Call Approved Comfort today!