Air conditioners dont follow the same schedules that we do, obviously, and can break down at any time. When its brutally hot and you need emergency air conditioning service, it doesnt matter whether its 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning you need it fixed, and you need it fixed quickly.

Air conditioning can fail for any number of reasons, from simple breakdowns to more complicated problems that extend to multiple areas of the system. Defective thermostats, fan motors, compressors, or a combination of all three plus other problems can lead to a system shutdown. The AC system may be running but not putting out any cool air, which could be a motor problem. AC ducts could become blocked or damaged, resulting in cool air not reaching all areas of your home.

Emergency Air Conditioner Services in Cary

If your AC unit stops working, there are a few steps you can take before calling for emergency air conditioning service. First, check the room thermostat temperature setting by setting the thermostat at least five degrees below room temperature. You’d be surprised how many people will automatically call for a service technician simply because they didn’t set the thermostat low enough. If it’s still not working, check all switches and controls, both inside your home and out. This includes the outside compressor switch, inside air handler switch, and all fuses and circuit breakers. There are several switches, both manual and automatic, that can leave an AC unit turned off. You can also check the air filter to make sure it hasnt become blocked with dirt and/or debris. The filter is usually located either right near the blower.

If the unit still isnt working, then you probably need to call for emergency air conditioning service. If you choose to call Approved Comfort, we will send a technician whenever necessary, night or day, to perform thorough checks on your system to find out both the origin and severity of the problem. In most cases, the repair can be fixed very quickly. We will respond rapidly by sending a technician who will have a wide range of parts and tools to cover a wide variety of brands and types of air conditioners.

Your Approved Comfort technician will be fully qualified, licensed and insured, and will thoroughly discuss the scope of the problem. Then, the technician will talk to you about creating a maintenance plan for your system so that the risk of needed emergency repairs in the future will be greatly lessened.

Call Approved Comfort for all of your emergency AC needs!