Danny, let me just say that old proverb “you get what you pay for”…it is true in every sense of the word and I was so proven wrong today. Last night my furnace decided to kick out cold air instead of hot and not really paying much attention, I just went to bed thinking it had just kicked on and it hasn’t warmed up yet. However this morning I got and the house was 64 degrees….and yet the setting was on 70. I put my hand over the vent to find that the cold air was still rushing in as well as the red light was blinking on the furnace. I opted to shut the system down and try to kick start it by following the manual to see if maybe I could re-set the furnace. It was a no go so at 7:30 am I placed a call and had your service guy, Cesar scheduled to come out btwn 2 and 4. He showed up promptly at 2pm did a diagnostic of the furnace and found that the motor was clogged with dust/dirt. Embarrassingly enough my mom was there and told him the truth about what we both felt was just a “deal”. We found a coupon to have our furnaces cleaned for $65.00. Well let me just say, when the guy from this other place came out I found that one, he was not dressed very clean, nor was his attempt to what he called “clean” the furnace. I think the most he did was take off the front cover and then say okay all done…


My mother and I spoke almost simultaneously when we agreed…we got screwed. I told her okay tough lesson learned. That is what my momtold Cesar and he explained why my motor would get clogged after only 5 years after the purchase of this furnace. He explained it is imperative to get efficiency and longevity out of any unit you must maintain it…and he was totally professional on the phone with me (as I am at work and my mom went to the house) and explained that he understood that the cost is a bit more than other companies, but Approved Comfort does the job and does the job well.


I told him that on top of the diagnostic fee of 89.00 to go ahead and do the cleaning for $109.00. I guess $298 wasn’t bad considering he said a new motor, which I may end up having to get would be $629.00.


Long story short…you have earned a customer that will now listen and have the maintenance done yearly so as to avoid situations like this.

Kelli Visvrada