Annual Maintenance Keeps Your System Running Efficiently For Longer


The holidays have arrived! You are probably cleaning and cooking up a storm to prepare your home for the celebrations. Though the cold has been no stranger to Illinois this winter, you may not be thinking about your furnace in the midst of all the family fun. Well, before it gets too late – and too cold – we are here to suggest you start thinking about it, and have your annual furnace cleaning and safety inspection.

At Approved Comfort, we perform a 30 point inspection to ensure all the pieces of your furnace are running smoothly and efficiently. We know you don’t want your family and friends to freeze this holiday season, so it’s best to take advantage of it now!

Some of the tasks we will perform are:

  1. Inspecting the heat exchanger
  2. Checking the high limit and other safety controls
  3. Checking the gas line for leaks, from the furnace shut off valves to the burners
  4. Adjusting the fan control for accurate temperature rise and airflow
  5. Replacing standard air filters
  6. Inspecting the belts for cracks and wear
  7. Calibrating the thermostat
  8. Cleaning and adjusting the pilot, if necessary


Why Approved Comfort Suggests This Inspection

  1. Safety: Over time, wiring can become loose or degraded, rust and soot can build up, and venting systems can become dirty. If these stay in poor condition for long periods of time, they become a safety and health risk for you and your family.
  2. Energy efficiency: A furnace that’s dirty will cost more money to operate. Parts within the system will become weak and inefficient, leading to excess utility prices and prolonged run times.
  3. Lower repair costs: If you are constantly calling in a heating technician to fix your furnace, but haven’t spent anything on maintenance, you are wasting money! Repair costs will be significantly lower when you have an annual furnace cleaning and safety inspection performed by Approved Comfort.
  4. Premature machinery replacement: The longer an inefficient and worn out furnace runs, the faster parts will break down. Without the maintenance, you won’t know if certain parts are on their last leg. Fixing or replacing a faulty piece of a furnace is cheaper than replacing the unit itself.


To schedule your furnace inspection, call Approved Comfort today!