High-efficiency furnaces are fantastic; saving customers substantial money on energy bills in the long run because they convert up to 96 percent of fuel directly into heat. This is compared to some older models that convert only 80 percent or even less of fuel into heat.

Sometimes, however, these furnaces can result in condensation problems, such as moisture accumulating on windows and even water spots on the ceiling. Heres why this condensation occurs, and what can be done about it. If you are experiencing a furnace condensation problem in Woodstock, IL, contact Approved Comfort as soon as you can.

How Moisture Accumulates Due to a Furnace in Woodstock, IL

Lower efficiency models take combustion air (which provides oxygen needed for combustion) and dilution air (which reduces exhaust gas temperature) from inside a home. This air continually rises up and out of a home when the furnace is working, and is replaced by cold outside air. If youre wondering why your home often feels dry during winter, this is the reason.

On the other hand, high-efficiency models take combustion air from outside, rather than use inside air. This eliminates wasted air, but also leads to moisture accumulation. You could have an exhaust fan constantly running to reduce moisture, or you could run dehumidifiers all the time. But these are inefficient and expensive methods; they would negate the savings offered by your high-efficiency furnace the reason you bought one in the first place.

One option is to have a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) installed that not only changes out the air in your home, but also removes humidity.

Heat Recovery Ventilator Installation in Woodstock, IL

An HRV is installed in your attic, and continuously takes in air through the ducts that are positioned near your bathrooms and kitchen. As air flows out of the vent, fresh air is simultaneously brought in from the outside. As the two streams of air pass each other (each through its own separate channel), heat from the warm stream goes to the inbound cool stream. This preheats the air and reduces your furnaces workload.

This option will eliminate damaging moisture, and any odors that may be caused as a result.

Go with the Experts with Approved Comfort for Furnace Problems in Woodstock, IL

If you are experiencing moisture problems associated with your new high-efficiency furnace, please dont hesitate to contact the professionals with Approved Comfort. We will come to your home, perform a thorough analysis, and come up with the right solution.



Is it time for a furnace repair… again? Are you continuously dishing out loads of money on those repairs? It’s costly. But, fortunately for you, pretty easy to remedy. With a brand new high-efficiency furnace not only will you get increased reliability, but you’ll save all that money in repair costs.

Speaking of saving money, if you purchase and install a new Nicor Gas furnace between October 2013 and May 31, 2014, you’ll be eligible for the following rebates:

  • Installing one with 97% or higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) receives a $400 rebate
  • 95% AFUE receives $300 rebate
  • 92% or lower AFUE receives $200 rebate

All rebate applications must be postmarked or submitted online within 90 days of installation, or by June 30, 2014.