If you are experiencing furnace control problems in Elk Grove Village, IL, more than likely you will need the help of a professional. At Approved Comfort we are experts in all makes and models of furnaces, so we will be able to quickly determine the nature of your problem and fix it. We will do so with minimal downtime to your business or disruption to your everyday home routine.

Types of Furnace Control Boards in Elk Grove Village, IL

In gas furnaces, there are basically two kinds of gas furnaces. The first are known as ignition controls, which control the igniter, the gas valve and the flame-sensing circuit. If you have an older, less energy efficient model, then you probably have this type of control board.

The other kind of control board is called an integrated furnace control. This type performs the same functions as mentioned above as well as providing diagnostics. It also controls the furnace blower.

How Furnace Control Boards Work in Elk Grove Village, IL

When the furnace answers a call for heat, the control board starts a part known as the induced draft motor, which closes the pressure switch. Then, the control board will either start the warm-up of the hot surface igniter, start the direct spark igniter, or ignite the pilot, depending on what sort of model furnace you have.

Once the pilot is lit, or the hot surface igniter warms and shows a bright yellow flame, the furnace energizes the gas valve. In newer models, a flame sensor works to verify the burners have been lit. Once this happens a timer starts the furnace blower.

The control board will then shut off the gas supply once room temperature has risen to the thermostat setting. However, the inducer, in order to clean the heat exchanger, will typically run for about 30 seconds more.

Furnace Control Board Troubleshooting in Elk Grove Village, IL

If you have any sort of problem with any of the components outlined above, then you may have a faulty control board. On advanced furnace models, these boards have diagnostic indicators with red LED lights that flash to notify you of a problem. You should see a chart near the control board, or elsewhere on the access panel, that will provide an explanation of the different codes. If the board is functioning as it should, you will see a green light.

If you see no light whatsoever, shut the furnace off for about 30 seconds and turn it back on. If there is still no light, then you should call Approved Comfort as soon as you can to have a technician look at your furnace.