There are several reasons behind your Belden furnace igniter problems. If your igniter is going out prematurely, there are some things you can do first before calling a professional. However, if these fixes dont work, then you should call in a professional. At Approved Comfort, weve been helping Belden residents and others throughout the Chicago area for the past 17 years. Give us a call at (815) 219-7102 to see how we can help you.

Reasons igniters can go out prematurely:

  • You improperly handled the igniter by touching the gray glass portion.
  • The igniter installed was not made for the furnace
  • The home line voltage is too high. Make sure that your voltage is in the 110-125 volt range. Anything over that will not only cause furnace igniter failure, but premature light bulb failure as well.
  • Debris from bugs or from the heat exchanger can land on the igniter when no heat is needed, and when heat is needed this debris can short out the igniter. Make sure you keep your heat exchanger and furnace clean.

Reasons for high heating bills

Here are some reasons why your furnace may be cycling on and off too much, resulting in a high heating bill.

  • The furnace is too large. If your furnace is over-sized for the space that it is heating, then it will likely cycle too often. On the coldest day, a properly-sized furnace should run almost all of the time. The main sign that your furnace is inefficient is cycling on and off too often.
  • A dirty filter. If your heat exchanger is not getting enough airflow, that will cause the furnace to cycle too often as well. The furnace will turn off to keep from overheating and possibly causing a fire. It is important that you keep the filters changed on a regular basis.
  • The evaporator coil is dirty. A dirty coil restricts airflow and causes too much cycling. Look at the coil and make sure it is not clogged on the bottom side. If you choose to clean the coil yourself, make sure you clean in the direction the fins are running. If you do not, you run the risk of bending over the fins and causing even more airflow restriction. This job is best left to a professional unless you have a special coil fin cleaning tool.

If you are having Belden furnace igniter problems or your furnace cycles too often, and you are unable to fix the problem, call Approved Comfort at (815) 219-7102.