Our technicians find your furnace problems with quality inspections.

What happens during an Approved Comfort furnace inspection? The main purpose of our 20 point Premium Precision tune-up is cleaning and safety. Our technician performs all of the adjustments that make your furnace work more efficiently and ensures that all precautionary measures are taken so that your home is completely safe. What sort of problems are they looking for?

All of the following issues are checked for during our 30 point inspection:

  • Broken or Dirty Filters
  • Thermostat¬†Maladjustment
  • Safety Control Issues
  • Pilot Light Weakness
  • Cracked Heat Exchanger
  • Sooty Build-Up
  • Rust or Corrusion
  • Jammed Parts

Furnaces are extremely complicated machines. That’s why we’re so happy when homeowners call Approved Comfort for their yearly scheduled furnace inspection! We know that we do the job¬†right so that your home is safe and warm all winter long.

Recently, we received a call from a homeowner in Algonquin, IL asking for us to perform a tune-up on his machine. The technician arrived and performed a 30pt Premium Precision Furnace Cleaning and Safety Inspection on the homeowners 7 year old Trane furnace. Our heating specialist was thorough: he checked every operational feature, itemized the work that was performed and left recommendations on the invoice. By the end, all components met standards. Finally, the technician inspected the dryer vent and found it clear.

When you need a furnace inspection, furnace maintenance, or furnace repair, Approved Comfort is the place to turn. Our experts are the best in the industry, and we set the standard on customer service. Call Approved Comfort today!