Furnace installation in Huntley is absolutely necessary if you expect to protect yourself from the harsh winter temperatures. Rain, snow, and wind may leave you wrapping yourself in layers of blankets and warm clothing, especially if you don’t have a working heating system in your home. It’s important to install a furnace before the first snowfall of the season begins. However, this may also leave room for mistakes. Even though a furnace is a necessary system in your home this winter, you need to make sure you have a furnace that fits perfectly into your home.

Approved Comfort should be your go-to service for furnace installation in Huntley. It’s important to consult with one of our local heating contractors to ensure you have the right furnace to prevent you from shaking and shivering in your own home all winter long. From there, we can quickly install a furnace that proves to be the perfect fit for your home, guaranteeing you have heat for all members of your household this winter!

Questions to Ask Before Installing

The temperature on the thermometer is steadily decreasing, and furnace installation is important than ever. But how exactly can you ensure you have the best heating possible for the season?

  1. What is the best system type? Furnaces can be laid out in two different ways: split systems or packaged systems. Split systems are complete with a condensing unit, a furnace, and coils that sit atop the furnace. However, if you have are looking to take up less space, you may want to consider a packaged system, which have heating and cooling features compacted into one outdoor unit.
  2. What are the incentives? Sometimes, it’s all about how you can save money on heating. It’s important to ask your local heating contractor about the incentives. Consider the rebates you’ll receive that will make some money flow back in your direction.
  3. What is the best fuel source? The two main types of fuel for furnaces are natural gas and electricity. Gas furnaces are more energy efficient but will only be useful to you if you have a furnace. Electric furnaces are another alternative but since they create original heat from electricity, they’ll cost you more money on bills.
  4. What is the best furnace size? Please consider furnace size in terms of your living situation, which can vary if you live alone or with others. A contractor from Approved Comfort can help you determine the right furnace size by measuring the space in your home.
  5. How can you determine the pricing? Remember this: lesser price doesn’t automatically translate into lower quality comfort. There needs to be middle ground found between pricing, size, and quality of the furnace.
  6. What is the difference between speed blowers? With furnaces, you have the choice between one of two speed blowers—variable speed blowers and fixed speed blowers. They do exactly what their names apply—fixed speed blowers distribute air at a certain rate while variable speed blowers vary in speed as to how they distribute air.

Contact Approved Comfort today for furnace installation in Huntley and of course, ask before you install!