Proper maintenance of your furnace will not only help lower your energy costs, it will also provide you with the best possible insurance against a failure that could result in misery as well as pose a health risk. When a furnace is properly maintained, not only will it work at top efficiency, it will provide a safe source of warmth for you and your family.

Approved Comfort Furnace Maintenance in Inverness, IL

When we are called to a customers home to perform furnace maintenance, we will thoroughly examine every part of that furnace and determine what steps need to be taken. In many instances, we will find that the blower motor and wheel are dirty. If that is the case, then each part has to be pulled and cleaned. Sometimes we will also realign the motor and wheel. In addition, we will also perform an analysis of amp draw and check the heat exchanger.

Steps You Can Take to Maintain Your Furnace in Inverness, IL

There are some things you can do to help your furnace run smoothly. For example, look for any dust and dirt accumulation either on or around your furnace. If you have a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, use that attachment to remove dead insects or other objects that may be clogging the furnace. You can use a clean cloth for some areas, and even a toothbrush for hard to reach places.

Other maintenance steps you can take include:

  • Changing your air filter This is one of the most important things you can do to ensure proper furnace operation. You should change your filter every one to three months, depending on its quality and thickness. The higher the quality, the less often you need to replace it.
  • Clean the burners A furnaces burners will not last as long as they should if they are covered with dirt, soot, dust and other debris. Look at your owners manual to find the safest way to remove the burners, and then inspect them for debris after removal.
  • Clear your vent lines Your family will be at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning if your furnaces vent lines are clogged. You can use a variety of tools to remove blockages, such as a soft white cloth, a brush or a coat hanger. To defend against inhalation of potentially dangerous material, wear a facemask.

If you should detect a rotten smell around your furnace, that means you could have a potentially dangerous gas leak. If this happens, then you must leave your home immediately and call an expert.

Humidifier inspection in Inverness, IL

We also provide exclusive precision humidifier tune-up procedures. These include checking and adjusting every operational feature, confirming that your drain configuration is complete, testing your humidifiers complete cycle and adjusting its water flow. If a replacement of your humidifier pad is necessary, we will remove the water panel, dispose of the old pad, clean out the distribution tray and insert the new pad.



Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up, with Carbon Monoxide Safety Inspection

A furnace cleaning and tune up will only do so much. The technician can come in and clean all the parts, check the wiring, make sure the thermostat is correct, but what happens if something isn’t right? It might be a minor repair, but who knows if that small problem will lead to bigger ones down the road. This is why you have a furnace cleaning and tune up – to catch the small stuff. But if you want to get a head start to ensure your furnace will not break down in the middle of winter, then replacement is the best option.

If you install a new Nicor Gas high-efficiency furnace between October 2013 and May 31, 2014, you’ll receive one of these rebates:

  • Installing one with 97% or higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) receives a $400 rebate
  • 95% AFUE receives $300 rebate
  • 92% or lower AFUE receives $200 rebate

All rebate applications must be postmarked or submitted online within 90 days of installation, or by June 30, 2014.