This homeowner needed furnace maintenance, Approved Comfort delivered.

Furnace manufacturers in the U.S. recommend that all of their products be serviced by a professional once a year to preserve the safety and efficiency of the product. However, nearly half of Americans right now are not actually performing annual maintenance! The results are that:

  • Heating Bills Go Up – Without maintenance, furnaces tend to lose efficiency from natural wear and tear on the unit.  The less efficient a furnace is, the more energy and fuel it burns to reach the desired temperatures.
  • Poor Air Quality – If you don’t have your ducting filters regularly cleaned, they won’t operate properly, allowing dusty, contaminated air to spread through your home. Some furnaces in disrepair will even create carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas byproduct of combustion!
  • Unbalance/unsatisfactory Heating – Have you noticed that some of your rooms are warm while others are freezing cold? It could be a problem with your filter, which a professional from Approved Comfort would be able to discover and solve.

We received a call from a homeowner in Gilbert, Illinois for a scheduled maintenance call. Their heating system was an 11 year old Carrier-brand furnace. Our specialists arrived on time and performed a 30pt Premium Precision Furnace Cleaning and Safety Inspection.  This includes checking all electrical connections and components as well as replacing dysfunctional pieces, such as the furnace ignitor. We also replaced the filters and the humidifier water panel. The customer even used a $25 off coupon! At the end of the day, their furnace was working better than ever, and the process has cost less than $200

Approved Comfort made this homeowners heating system safer and more effective for them with a furnace tune-up. They can do the same for you! Call for furnace maintenance today!