We scheduled Approved Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning to come and perform the annual Furnace Precision Cleaning and Carbon Monoxide Safety Inspection this October. Mike the service technician arrived alittle late but the office did call and notify me ahead of time to be courtious. (Much Appriciated)

The service Mike provided took just over an hour, which was nice, I felt he was thorough and not rushed to leave and go to the next call. He also provided a new service for FREE, it is inspecting the dryer vent.This includes afull inspection ofthe ventdesign, integrity and any restrictions. From here, if necessary,Approved Comfortconducts cleaning, andor replacement ofthe dryer vent system. The best is yet to come, the technician said,”If you are not satisfied with this service or the amount that comes out of the vent, it is FREE!” WHAT? I couldn`t loose. Guess what? I needed it done, in a bad way. For more information and videos of this type of cleaning, the technician requested I look at this link.https://approvedcomfort.com/dryer-vent/

Thank You Mike and Approved Comfort Heating and Air in Lake in the Hills