Even though your old furnace is working well, you could increase your efficiency significantly, as well as reducing both indoor and outdoor pollutants, by purchasing a new system.

Energy bills are extremely high, so it simply makes good financial sense to think about putting in a new furnace. Depending on your old furnace inefficiencies, a new system could save you as much as 40 percent on a gas furnace and also save you significant money on an electric furnace as well.

The most efficient modern gas furnaces, all of which can easily be converted to propane, have efficiency ratings as high as 96 percent. That means only 4 percent of the heat generated is lost. In contrast, an old furnace can lose more than 40 percent of its heat content out of the chimney.

In addition, the burning of gas or propane in a properly operating system will produce little air pollution. Carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced as much as 40 percent in a new model. This is important because carbon dioxide has been linked to climate change and global warming.

Old furnace inefficiencies include the design of old gas systems. Todays systems use a special gas valve that controls the amount of heat the furnace produces. There are some designs that have a low- and high-output burn rate, while others have a modulating gas valve that can be used to vary the gas output in percentage increments. The main advantage is that when the weather is mild and you lose less heat, the furnace runs at the low level. When its cold and you need more heat, the furnace switches itself to the high setting. This allows the furnace to run fewer on/off cycles, conserving energy. Just like a car operates more efficiently on the highway than in stop-and-go traffic, a gas furnace runs more efficiently when it does not have to start and stop repeatedly. That also means less wear and longer system life.

You will also likely want to consider installing a matching thermostat from the manufacturer of the furnace to take full advantage of the comfort and efficiency features. These thermostats provide you control of over blower speeds, humidity and temperature.

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