Sometimes, furnace replacement is the best option for Lake in the Hills Homeowners

Not all broken furnaces can be repaired. Whenever possible, Approved Comfort will attempt to save the customers time and money by performing a repair rather than installing a completely new unit. However, there are some scenarios where a replacement is required — for instance, when it becomes a safety issue to continue having the furnace around.

That was exactly the situation the other day when we arrived at a home in Lake in the Hills for a furnace service call. Our technician arrived to find a 14 year old Heil furnace. It was operating, but not reaching the temperatures it needed to be. Our heating specialist performed a Residential Premium Diagnostic REG and discovered that the burners in the combustion chamber were rusted and melting. He recommended that the homeowner replace the unit immediately. Why?

Because improper combustion can result in disproportionate levels of carbon monoxide. Furnaces in disrepair are one of the most common CO risks — this is because carbon monoxide is a poisonous byproduct gas. When a flame is burning incorrectly, it generates carbon monoxide, and when that happens in your heating system it gets dispersed throughout your home through the ducting.  Carbon monoxide kills hundreds of Americans a year. If your furnace is a CO risk, we recommend replacement right away.

Thankfully, Approved Comfort found the problem in time! Now they’re going to get a better, higher-efficiency, and more advanced furnace that will save them money, keep them warm, and do its job safely! Do you have a furnace that is over 10 years old? Don’t wait — call Approved Comfort for an inspection today!