Keeping a close eye on how your furnace is doing is extremely important.

This past Monday evening, a house in Elgin unexpectedly exploded. The front and east walls of the home were blown out in the explosion and nearly all of the windows of the home were shattered. The estimated damage to the household is $150,000. A gas leak is believed to have caused the explosion, when the homeowner turned on his furnace for the first time this season.

That’s why, as the weather begins to get colder outside, it is a good idea to start thinking about how you and your family are going to keep warm indoors for the winter and fall seasons ahead. If you have not had your furnace maintained or repaired recently, you should consider calling the professionals at Approved Comfort. Not only do you not want to be without a furnace for the fall and winter seasons, but you do not want to be at risk of a life-threatening situation.

Approved Comfort is here today to go over a few signs that we look for when determining if a furnace needs to be tuned up:

  • Air flow problems: If air is not properly circulating through the furnace, it can overheat and shut down. The fall and winter seasons could be quite expensive for you if you don’t have this problem fixed. The furnace will just continue to cycle on and off, wasting you money and also potentially putting your home at risk of danger.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat: If your thermostat is broken and it is unable to tell your furnace what temperature to heat to, there is a strong possibility that the unit will overheat or not heat at all. The professionals at Approved Comfort can help you with getting a new functioning thermostat!
  • Pilot or ignition control problems
  • Dirty or clogged air filters: Not only will dirty or clogged air filters cause you comfort problems, but it will also make the air in your home unsanitary. It’s suggested that the air filters be changed out every couple of months to keep temperature levels consistent and ensure your home’s air stays clean.

Call Approved Comfort today if you think that your furnace needs to be tuned up or repaired!

For more information, please visit Approved Comfort’s Furnace Tune Ups page!