Furnace Inducer Motor and Pressure Switch Replaced in Bartlet, IL

When we arrived at the customer’s home she told us that her furnace had stopped working. When we inspected the unit, we found that the pressure switch was stuck and the inducer motor was not working properly. We replaced both components, cycled the unit to completion and made sure that everything was running fine before we left.

The inducer pulls air through the heat exchanger of the furnace and sends it throughout your home through the vent pipe. High efficiency models have an inducer made of plastic, while in lower efficiency models the inducer is typically made of metal.

The inducer connects to the pressure switch by a rubber hose. When the inducer starts, the switch is designed to close due to suction caused by the blower fan. The switch needs to close in order for the furnace to work properly, but if the vent pipe is clogged that switch will normally remain open.

If the pressure switch doesn’t operate correctly, the inducer motor will not be able to run properly. If that happens, the furnace will typically shut itself off. Inducers can fail due to a bad switch, faulty rubber hose, a gas vent flue blockage, or for other reasons. If your inducer motor burns out it will usually have to be replaced because these motors cannot be rebuilt in most models.

Furnace Installation in Lake in the Hills, IL

We installed a Lennox furnace, filter rack and thermostat in this customer’s home, as well as an air cleaner and humidifier. The installation was necessary because the old furnace had developed a dangerous carbon monoxide leak. We performed an inspection one week later and found that everything was working correctly.

When you call Approved Comfort for your furnace installation we will place drop cloths throughout the areas our technicians plan to walk. We will completely clean and vacuum our work area once done, but you still may experience some residual dust for a couple of days. While we will be using power tools, hammers, and possibly saws, we will strive to be as quiet as possible.

Once we are done (usually on the same day), we will go over our work with you and make sure you completely understand how to use your new system.