We field a lot of calls in regard to furnace short cycling problems in Hanover Park, IL at Approved Comfort, and since our professional, trained technicians are familiar with every make and model of furnace, we know how to get our customers back up and running quickly.

A cycle is the time from when a furnace turns on to the point where it warms a room to the temperature setting on the thermostat and turns off. If your furnace is turning on then off for very short time periods, that is a problem known as short cycling. This can be a sign of a serious problem within your heating system, and, at the very least, substantially decreases the systems energy efficiency.

There are many reasons why a furnace will short cycle. Here are some of the most common.

Lack of Airflow in Hanover Park, IL

A dirty furnace filter is one of the main causes of a lack of airflow in a furnace. You should try and get into the habit of changing your filter every couple of months while the furnace is operating. If you have the type of filter that can be cleaned, try and do that once a month.

Sometimes, however, short cycling will continue even when a new filter has been inserted. If this is happening to you, then the filter you used may be too large for your particular model of furnace and is cutting off airflow. Make sure you only use filters that are recommended for your exact model. Additionally, if your filters have an excessive amount of debris build-up, call a professional to make sure your air ducts are clean.

Blocked Vents in Hanover Park, IL

Your furnace may be short cycling because your air vent registers are blocked. Drapes and furniture are common causes of this.

Other Causes of Furnace Short Cycling Problems in Hanover Park, IL

Here are some other reasons why short cycling may be occurring in your furnace:

  • Blocked coils There is a set of coils located above your furnace that absorb heat from air. These coils can easily be cluttered with debris, which will block airflow and cause short cycling.
  • Thermostat location The location of your thermostat can have a significant impact on the operation of your furnace. It should be placed on an inside wall in an area of your home that is frequently occupied, such as your den or living room. It needs to be located away from sources of drafts, and away from windows and outside walls.
  • Furnace overheating Advanced furnaces use safety devices to monitor temperatures. If the heat exchanger overheats, the burner will shut off automatically in order to keep damage from taking place. There also could be a crack in that heat exchanger, which would also cause short cycling. This is a problem that can only be fixed by a professional, so turn off your furnace and call Approved Comfort as soon as you can.