Our technicians were called out to a home in Vernon Hills to perform a furnace tune-up on a 9 year old Carrier brand furnace. Without annual maintenance, that furnace would be near the end of its life expectancy…but since this homeowner has been thinking ahead, they can expect their home to be kept affordably and comfortably warm for years to come.

Looks like someone is keeping up to date with their New Year’s Resolutions!

The client received our 30 Point Premium Precision Furnace Cleaning and Safety Inspection, which includes a comprehensive check of all electrical and safety components. You can call Approved Comfort to learn about the 30 Point Cleaning and schedule your own furnace tune up today! Here are some reasons to call Approved Comfort just like this homeowner did:

Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

  1. Safety- Your furnace is a complicated machine, and it relies on combustion to generate heat and get you through the winter. If your furnace is old and not performing correctly, it may create harmful combustion byproducts — such as carbon monoxide — and distribute them through your home. For you and your family’s safety, make sure your furnace is always up to date on its maintenance!
  2. Money Savings– When you notice your heating bills starting to go up without you using more heat, that’s a sign that its time for a furnace tune-up. Having your machine inspected and adjusted for pilot light inefficiencies and other issues will help your machine burn more cleanly and save you some money every month.
  3. Efficiency– Over time, your furnace loses efficiency (which is why it starts to cost more). You can reduce your carbon footprint and improve the comfort of your home by having a tune-up done once a year.

So do like this homeowner did and call the heating experts at Approved comfort for your furnace tune-up today!