A water heater pilot thermocouple sends a small current of electricity to your water heaters gas valve when the probe is heated to a certain temperature. This current informs the valve that the pilot is lighted, and the valve can send gas to the burner if needed. To check your water heater thermocouple, press down the pilot button on the gas control valve and light the pilot. If, after you hold down the button for 30 to 60 seconds, the pilot light goes out after you release it, then you probably have a faulty thermocouple.

If you need a Colby Point gas water heater thermocouple replacement, you can do it yourself but you will need to be pretty handy with tools. If youre not, then you should call the professionals with Approved Comfort at (815) 219-7102.

However, if you want to take the project on by yourself, here are the steps you need to take.


Thermocouple replacement guide

First of all, always follow all of the safety rules when you are working around gas. You can find a universal thermocouple kit that will work on most water heaters at your local hardware store.


  • Turn off the gas to your water heater.


  • Set the temperature control knob (located on the gas control valve) to the lowest setting.


  • Turn the pilot control knob to the off position.


  • Remove the inner and outer burner assembly access panels.


  • Use a 3/8 in. end wrench to remove the old thermocouple.


  • Use a flashlight to slide the new thermocouple in place. The tip should fit 1/8 to in. past the pilot head.


  • Attach the other end to the gas control valve. Check all of your connections for any gas leaks. Once you are sure there are no leaks, now you are ready to light the water heater pilot light.


Again, if you are not 100 percent convinced that this is a job you feel confident in taking on by yourself, do not try it. Please call the professionals with Approved Comfort at (815) 219-7102 for your Colby Point gas water heater thermocouple replacement.