Is your homes boiler simply not working as it should be? Your boiler pump could require attention from a service professional that has been trained and is licensed to handle boiler pump repairs. Your homes boiler is a part of your home that you should never attempt to repair on your own as it is very unsafe for you to do so.

What To Expect

When you first call in to schedule your appointment with the skilled service technician you may be asked for make and model information about your boiler. This information can prove to be very useful for the repair technician as it will allow him to ensure that he has the parts that you may need if he has to leave your home, run to the parts supply store, and perhaps even to another job, you will be faced with a considerable delay that may even include an extra few hours added on to your final bill. With this in mind, try to have the information on hand so that you can save time and get your service tech on his way a lot sooner!

When he arrives, your service tech will get straight to work and try to figure out if your problems are in fact due to your boiler pump needing to be repaired. If the boiler pump repair seems to be the way to go get your problems resolved, he will set about doing it.

  • The first step that your technician will do is to ensure that everything is turned off and disconnected, for safety reasons.
  • He will then thoroughly clean the area surrounding your boiler pump in order to first verify that there are no leaks and secondly to ensure that there is no corrosion on the other parts of the boiler.
  • The boiler pump will be removed and your technician will set about repairing it.
  • Once repaired, everything will be reattached and the repaired boiler pump will be tested to ensure that it is fully functional.

Once your boiler pump repair job has been completed, find out if your service technician will be able to do a quick maintenance service on your boiler for you. This maintenance will serve two purposes: it will help to determine if there anything else that might need to be repaired, and it will also help to ensure the long life of your boiler.

As a part of the maintenance service, your service professional may do the following:

  • Flush out the boiler to remove any accumulated sediment.
  • Thoroughly clean off any deposits of carbon off of the boilers heat exchanger.
  • Remove, or bleed, any air that has become trapped inside of the system.
  • Carefully oil any delicate moving parts, like the circulator pump.
  • Test and ensure the thermocouple is in good working condition.
  • Do a full inspection and test for any gas or water leaks, including a carbon monoxide leak test.
  • Do a full inspection on the burner and test that it is fully operational.

Your boiler pump repair job should not take longer than an hour. Be sure to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have, with your experienced and knowledgeable service technician.