If you are in the market for a great solution for your need for year-round temperature control and comfort in your home, a heat pump installation may just hold the answer to your problem. Heat pumps work by providing both heating cooling for your home. No matter whether the weather outside if the most frigid day of your winter or your most scorching day of summer, a heat pump will work tirelessly to provide you home with the comfort and temperature control that you are looking for.

Heat Pump Services in South Barrington

If your home has just a need for moderate heating and cooling then a heat pump installation can offer you a very energy efficient alternative to the often pricier air conditioning and furnace systems. Heat pumps transport any heat away from cooler areas into warm spaces which will, in turn, leave the cool area much cooler and provide more warmth to the warm space.

During winter, your heat pump will transport warmth from the cooler outdoor spaces and into your house that is already relatively warmer than the outside space. During summer, your heat pump will transport heat away from your relatively cooler house into the much warmer outdoor space.

Heat Pump Installation Benefits in South Barrington

Unlike other systems that generate heat while consuming a significant amount of energy, heat pumps simply move heat around and can in fact produce more energy than they actually will consume during the process. Heat pumps can reduce the amount of electricity used to heat and cool your home by as much as 50 percent.

An added bonus to having a heat pump installation versus another type of system is that a high efficiency system can offer you much more in the way of dehumidifying over what is offered by central air conditioning system this will, also, result in much less energy used as well as much more money saved.

In older homes, or homes where it is simply not a possibility, ductwork is not always necessary for heat pump installation. There are types of heat pumps that are ductless which can meet the heating and cooling needs that you have. There are other types of heat pumps called reverse cycle chillers that work with the generation of cold and hot water in lieu of cold and hot air. This type of pump is very often used with under floor radiant heating systems.

If you are interested in the most efficient and earth-friendly heat pump installation then you may want to consider a bit of research into geothermal heat pumps. These pumps work by transferring heat between the ground and your house, or between a close water source and your house. While it might be somewhat more expensive to install a geothermal system, they can be relatively inexpensive to operate. Discuss geothermal heat pump installation with your heating and cooling expert to find out if it is the right option for your home, the size of your properly, and the type of soil that is surrounding your home.

No matter what your needs for the installation of a heat pump, it is important that you consider all options prior to setting your heart on something that simply might not work with your property, and your available budget. Call Approved Comfort today!