With minor repairs being costly, a replacement may be best bet


As with any other appliance in your home, there will likely come a time when you need to decide whether you want to have your heat pump repaired or replaced. Here are a few tips to help you determine whether or not the time has come for a new system.

If your heat pump has recently started making more noise than normal, that means your system could have some sort of internal problem. In many cases the cause is relatively minor and you can have it fixed inexpensively. However, there are other times where the problem is serious and will require an expensive repair. Even if you only have a minor problem, the costs can add up quickly if you are having issues time and time again.

You should consider having your heat pump replaced if you notice the humidity increasing in your home, or you notice that certain areas are substantially cooler or warmer than others. If your heating and cooling bills have gradually increased, that could be a sign that your pump is losing efficiency and should be switched out.

If you want more information regarding whether your heat pump should be repaired or replaced, call Approved Comfort today.