Does your air conditioner seem to be cycling on and off every ten to fifteen minutes? Does your thermostat claim that the temperature is 78F but the actual temperature in your home leaves you reaching for your wearable snuggling blanket? The problem may be as simple as a fault thermostat; the good news is that a well-training professional can complete your thermostat repair project in no time at all!

Diagnosing The Problem

The first thing that your service professional will do is diagnose the actual problem while a faulty thermostat is a relatively simple problem to resolve, it is important to rule out any other larger contributing factors that could lead to a larger problem. Be sure that you tell the service professional exactly what the problems are that you have been experiencing; while your service pro will certainly do his own investigation, the more information that he is provided with the better and more efficient service he can provide you with.

Possible Causes And Solutions

The type of problems that you could be experiencing will vary based upon whether or not you have an older style thermometer or one of the newer programmable digital units. Ranging from a tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse, dirty components, loose wires or a battery that needs to be replaced it is important to eliminate the simple potential causes by simply resetting the circuit breaker and verifying the condition of the fuse in older homes.

  • Your service professional is likely to attempt to clean the inside components as a part of the thermostat repair; by gently cleaning it with a soft brush or compressed air he will be able to remove any accumulated debris that could be impeding the operation of your entire system.
  • Any screws that may have come loose should be tightened and loose wires should be reattached.
  • If the electronic display isnt working then replacing the battery could be the next step; it is important to note that your service professional should be the one to replace your battery so that you can be assured that the right type of battery is used.

If you do have an older thermostat installed in your home that requires frequent thermostat repair then you should consider the installation of a new programmable digital thermostat. The ability to program your thermostat can not just make it a lot easier to maintain a steady temperature inside of your home but it can also help you to save a significant amount of money by keeping your system from needing to cycle on and off during the day when you arent home. When your thermostat repair job needs to be done professionally and within a short time-frame, it is important that you seek out a professional who will do more than simply tap on the thermostat and tell you that it needs to be completely replaced. A well trained pro will evaluate your entire system for any other potential areas of trouble in order to ensure that you are not faced with any unpleasant surprises with your HVAC system later on down the line.