A heating contractor should be the first person you contact this winter when you begin to notice your home is struggling to stay warm. We’re currently in the midst of the coldest time of the year, and you can’t afford to lose any heat. You most likely have that reliable furnace running so your family can stay warm even during the season’s coldest nights. However, just having a steady flow of warm air isn’t enough. You need to make sure heat is maintained so you can cut down costs on energy bills. Feel as though you are turning up the heat too often, or too much altogether? There are quite a few common causes of home heating loss that quickly leads to significantly higher energy waste, which can grow even worse when you don’t maintain your system. Even small drafts of cold air from an open window can have a major effect on upcoming bills, and is also likely to cause long-term poor furnace efficiency, increased chance of illness exposure, and more discomfort in cooler weather. You may also find yourself having to spend money on furnace replacement, which will cost you thousands of dollars. Before you risk significant money loss and high stress, you need to study up on what’s causing you to lose heat. A little more knowledge can go a long way in ensuring you’re not spending the winter constantly wondering why your home is not getting the warmth it needs.

Why You Should Call Approved Comfort

Approved Comfort should be your first choice for heating service this winter. If you sense a problem with your home’s heating, waste no time in giving our phones a ring. Your comfort during the season is our highest priority, and our technicians will go to any length to ensure it. Our heating services range from in-depth furnace repairs to quick system checks. If there’s an issue we come across, we fix it immediately. If your furnace is beyond repair, our heating contractor will gladly work with you in finding a brand new, highly-efficient model to replace it.  With our help, you can expect to have highly-efficient heating in your home that won’t cost you any more money on bills. Your system will also work longer than ever before so you’ll have comforting heat for years. Best of all, our heating contractor will make sure you’re not losing heat anywhere in your home, making sure your family is kept warm for this season and beyond. After all, your family’s comfort should always come first and once you know they have a system meeting their needs, you will be able to relax so much more throughout the season.

5 Common Causes for Home Heating Loss

Once you know what causes heating loss, you will be able to prevent any future problems to ensure it doesn’t happen again. While all sorts of things can lead to heating loss, our heating contractor cites these as 5 of the most common reasons:

  1. Open Doors and Windows: This may be the most common reason for heating loss. Leaving doors and windows open is a quick way to deplete heat from the home, accounting for 10-11% of all heating loss each year. Be sure you caulk and repair spaces in the home prior to the winter. In addition, you will want to check for weather stripping to patch up windows and doors before kicking on the heat. You should also replace any door and window screens if they are not fully intact.
  2. Basements: Checking your entire basement for potential leaks within vents and fans can save you up to 4% of household heat loss throughout the season. Basements are usually ignored compared to other rooms in your home, which means any potential sources of heating loss can go unnoticed for a longer period of time. It’s highly advisable to conduct a thorough inspection before running your furnace for the winter.
  3. Electrical Outlets: Did you know that cold air is able to seep through electrical sockets, causing a 2% heating loss? Make you didn’t know because not all electrical outlets are easy to spot, so it’s important check more than once when entering each room in your house. Check all outlets in your home for unwanted cool air coming in and install foam gaskets in the event you are experiencing a draft.
  4. Ceiling Openings: Any openings in your ceiling like leaks or cracks may cause you to lose a whopping 31% of heat when you are running your heat regularly to keep warm. Sealing leaks and cracks, replacing ceiling tiles, and properly insulating your home will cut down energy costs significantly. You should also check roofs before the season begins to ensure any openings are sealed.
  5. Fireplaces: Nothing is more relaxing during the winter than cozying up to a fireplace. However, it’s important to inspect them to in order to avoid potentially costly mistakes. If you have a fireplace in the home, be sure to check the unit out itself before running your heating system this winter. Any missing or improperly installed fireplace dampers you allow cold air to move up and out of the chimney freely.

Contact Approved Comfort today if you want to make sure heat is maintained in your home thanks to our heating contractor!