Heating maintenance is one of the most important things to consider this fall if you want to avoid a season full of high energy costs, lower property value, and the constant threat of a home heating fire. With the weather slowly cooling down, the need for warm air is growing by the day. However, no matter how urgent you need heat in your home, it does not mean you should lose sight of staying safe. House fires caused by unsafe heating practices result in numerous deaths, injuries, and high costs in property damage each year. Most of them could have been prevented had the homeowner known the right safety precautions to take when heating their home. If you want to avoid becoming another number in an alarming statistic, you need to put safety front and center. Even the smallest issues should deserve your attention or else the consequences can be dire.

Calling Approved Comfort for High-Quality Service

Fortunately, if you’re dealing with some heating woes this fall, Approved Comfort will be more than happy to help. We have a team of heating contractors who are dedicated to customer service, and will stop at nothing to ensure you remain both safe and warm for the colder months ahead. We can conduct any installation, repair, or replacement necessary if it means keeping you comfortable. In addition, our services aim to cover a wide range needs. Just moved into a new house with a growing family? We can make sure you have safe, reliable heating to satisfy everyone in your household. Living in an older home with an even older furnace? We can repair or replace it as soon as possible. Our goal is to see all homeowners across the area with comforting heat keeping them at a much better peace of mind throughout the season.

The Top 8 Tips for Heating Maintenance This Fall

Even if nothing can compare to service from a professional heating contractor at Approved Comfort, you can still do a bit of maintenance work on your own. If you want to know how you can contribute, here are 7 tips this fall that will make heating up your home so much safer:

  1. Know the 3-Foot Rule: You must keep at least 3 feet away from any running heating fixtures in your home to avoid harm. In addition, any flammable objects need to be kept away from heating systems, like stacks of newspaper or laundry. All it takes is a malfunction in your furnace to send sparks onto any surrounding objects or personal belongings. The next time you see any clutter surrounding your heating system, remove it immediately.
  2. Change Furnace Filters: Your furnace will work harder than ever before to produce warm air if filters are clogged with dirt and debris. This will greater your chances of a residential fire or furnace failure. In addition, a furnace working harder than usual will increase your energy consumption. Changing furnace filters monthly will help you avoid this trouble.
  3. Test Smoke Detectors: Testing smoke detectors is necessary if you are running your heating system, especially when a malfunction can result in it emitting smoke. A test will let you know if detectors need their batteries replaced or if you will need a new smoke detector altogether. You need to make sure they are working at their best to alert you of even the slightest trace of danger.
  4. Clean Duct Systems: Indoor air quality is an entirely different yet equally concerning problem with your heating this fall, especially if your duct system is not cleaned. Duct systems will build up with dust and allergens over an extended period of time, which will eventually spread through the home. This may lead to fits of coughing and sneezing for any asthma or allergy sufferers in your home.
  5. Inspect Electrical Connections: Your furnace issues this fall may come down to damaged wiring in its electrical connections. If you notice any loose or frayed wiring, do not touch it or try to fix the situation on your own. Instead, call a licensed professional for further inspection. They will have the tools and knowledge to tighten or repair connections properly.
  6. Inspect Gas Connections: For furnaces running on gas, you should have your gas connections checked by a heating contractor from Approved Comfort this season and have them make any gas furnace repair. A leak in your gas line is a huge threat to your safety. The consequences of not seeking professional help in this situation can be costly. If the gas leak results in an explosion, it may cost you your entire house or your even your life.
  7. Calling Approved Comfort for Annual Furnace Maintenance: A heating contractor from Approved Comfort can give your heating system a closer look and help identify any lingering problems within the system that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. From there, they can make quick repairs and guarantee you save money on repair bills for the next 12 months.

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