Heating service should be your highest priority this winter if your heating system isn’t working to the best of its abilities. With the weather cooling down and freezing every in its path, you need to make sure your home stays protected with comforting heat. However, when you’re looking for a local heating company to provide service, be careful. Though there are plenty of reliable heating contractors available for service, there is the odd chance of falling into a scam. These scam services may be more interested in getting the most money out of you as opposed to keeping your home warm. Not only do you risk paying a large sum of money on untrustworthy service companies, you also risk putting your family in danger. Faulty heating repair can lead to a higher risk of home heating fires, which become more common during the colder months. Faulty installation will have its own troubles as well. You may risk spending thousands of dollars on the wrong system, or have a system be improperly installed which lead to an inconsistent flow of heat in your home. It may even get to the point where you will be seeking furnace replacement much sooner than you expected. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid these untrustworthy services, and it’s important to brush up on how to do so before you hire the wrong contractor this winter.

Calling Approved Comfort for High-Quality Service

You can find a reliable heating contractor at Approved Comfort. We have a team of dedicated heating experts who will provide service worth your every dollar. They offer unparalleled customer service making your heating needs this winter a top priority. They can also provide a wide range of services including installation, repair, replacement, and even a quick maintenance check. Even if you discover a few small problems with your heating system, it’s still worth giving us a call. Our heating experts will give your system a close inspection and ensure those small issues are fixed before they grow into something much worse. Thanks to our help, you will find yourself spending less on repairs and installation later in the season. More importantly, you will be keeping your family safe from HVAC hazards like home heating fires and exposure to harmful gasses. You can even expect a longer lifespan on your heating system, ensuring you won’t have to face the possibility of replacement any time soon.

7 Tips to Avoid Heating Service Scams

As part of our mission to provide homes across the local area with heat this winter, we think it’s important you know to how to avoid HVAC scams. Here are 7 tips we think you should know when you suspect you have come across a bad apple of an HVAC service:

  1. Get Estimates in Writing: Always make sure you get things in fine print. You deserve to know how much you will be paying for service, and having it all on a formal document will give you concrete proof. Stay away from any heating contractor who is hesitant to do such a thing, as it may indicate they’re hiding something.
  2. Do Your Research: The Internet will be your most trusted resource if you are looking to do research into what local heating companies you should trust. You should look into customer review sites like Yelp which will give you an idea on the company’s reputation. If applicable, you also check out the company’s website to see if they can provide the service you need.
  3. Get a Second Opinion: If the pricing your chosen heating contractor is giving seems higher than necessary, you should get a second opinion from another contractor. Having two prices will give you a better sense on the average cost of whatever service you need.
  4. Ask for Replaced Parts: One of the most common signs of a scam service is when a contractor tries to get away with saying they replaced older parts when, in fact, they didn’t replace them at all. Don’t be afraid to ask any contractor to see the replaced furnace parts, even if they did indeed replace them.
  5. Replacing HVAC Parts with Used Ones: Turn the down the offer if a contractor suggests replacing any HVAC parts with used ones. Used parts will only work to damage system efficiency and leaving you spending more money on emergency heating services.
  6. Avoid Frequent Tune-Up Offers: A furnace tune-up should be done once a year, which should be sufficient enough to fix any lingering issues within the system. Any contractor offering quarterly tune-ups, for example, is not to be trusted.
  7. Don’t Pay Anyone Upfront: Many local heating companies will offer upfront pricing before a job begins so you know in advance how much you will be paying. However, do not pay the contractor before the job begins, especially if they ask for payment. They make just take the money and run.

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