With all of the mild, spring weather we’ve been having lately, homeowners and business owners are beginning to make service appointments with Approved Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, your Lake in the Hills HVAC experts.

Act Soon to Be Prepared

Of course, there are always some people who delay their air conditioning servicing until the warm weather is upon them. However, we advise both residential and commercial customers to act in a timely fashion in order to be prepared for the hot and humid months, and here’s why:

  • Residential AC customers are oftentimes at work all day and can only schedule their appointments after 5pm or in the evenings. Due to the high demand in these time slots, you might have to wait for your service appointment—though we are always available for emergency repair. However, if you simply want your AC checked out, cleaned and prepped for summer, you don’t want to wait until temperatures soar and your home is uncomfortably hot.
  • Commercial AC customers have to think of the health of their employees, clients and customers. If your AC isn’t functioning correctly and the temperature’s too high or the air quality is low, it can result in all sorts of health problems for the people who are on your property. Overheating, breathing problems and allergies are the most common. So it’s clearly good business to have your AC ready to go before the hot weather arrives.

Live Comfortably with Lake in the Hills AC Service

When you make a service appointment with one of our HVAC specialists, you can be sure your air conditioning unit will be fully cleaned and prepared for a long, hot summer of use. We’ll clean or replace the filter and make sure all of the technical elements are functioning correctly. If something’s worn or broken, we’ll replace the parts with top-of-the-line equipment. And of course, if your AC is old and not functioning properly anymore, we’ll advise you on the best replacement appliance and install it quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy maximum comfort, no matter how hot it gets outside!