The majority of air conditioners have direct-driven motors that allow them to operate smoothly as one contained unit. However, if yours is an older air conditioning unit then it might be belt-driven. If you are experiencing problems with your system, then the air conditioning belts might just be to blame for the problems.

The Function Of Air Conditioning Belts

The belt within your air conditioner has a purpose much like the belt system in any other machinery system; the belt is used to drive the air conditioners fan. As a function it would seem that air conditioning belts have a very basic function. However, if the belts break or wear down as things are prone to do over the course of several years of heavy usage, you will find yourself with a serious situation that needs to be remedied by an HVAC expert.

How To Know If You Need To Replace The Belts

There are several situations that will occur and will alert you that the problem with your air conditioning system is related to the internal belts.

  • Is there water leaking around the outside unit? Remember that there are a few other problems that could cause water leakage so it is very important not to try and remedy the situation yourself by making a guess about what the cause could be. Bring in the professionals and allow them to get things resolved in an efficient manner.
  • Is there a refrigerant leak on the inside of the unit? Again, while a refrigerant leak can be indicative of another problem, it is just one sign that an air conditioning professional will look for when he is trying to determine if your systems belts need to be replaced.
  • Is there an audible flapping sound when the system is running? When the air conditioning belts have broken you may be able to hear evidence of this when your air conditioner is running. Naturally your home will not be cooling down correctly so it will become even more so evident on a steamy summers afternoon.

Replacing The Belts

Homeowners with older air conditioning units should keep in mind that is it certainly possible to replace parts on older systems; however, as time marches on it will prove to be more difficult to source compatible parts to keep your system operational.

Another item to consider is that your air conditioner simply may not be very efficient even if it is in good working condition one your air conditioning belts have been replaced. Talk to your HVAC professional about the possibility of upgrading your entire system to one that is much more efficient at both cooling your home down and at simply operating. A newer air conditioning system could be as much as sixty percent more efficient than the unit that you currently have installed that increase in efficiency can help you to see a marked improvement on your utility bills during the summer months. With the available Federal tax incentives you will be able to recoup the cost of your new system within a relatively short amount of time. Your heating and cooling professional can help to set you in the right direction.