Does Your Elgin Home Need a Whole House Humidifier?

The Aprilaire Model 500 (AM 500) Whole-House Humidifier is an ideal humidifier for small and mid-sized homes. In 2009 Aprilaire consolidated the Models 500M and 500A to the Model 500. The AM 500 is identical to the 500A except the new AM 500 does not include a second water panel or DVD video. As a flow-thru bypass humidifier, the AM 500 has the advantage of reducing maintenance and leaving no standing water. Flow-thru refers to water trickling through the water panel and out a drain. The AM 500 features both a built-in bypass damper as well as the advantage of having automatic digital control. The bypass damper is conveniently labeled for both summer and winter settings demanding little maintenance when setting from season to season.

The automatic humidifier control, humidistat, includes a digital reading of the indoor humidity level. In addition, the humidifier control is labeled with Call Dealer For Service, Change Water Panel and Humidifier On lights that let you know if your system is running or if the humidifier needs maintenance. The automatic humidifier control works in conjunction with your furnace to control the operation of the humidifier. Like other Aprilaire humidifiers, the humidistat connects to the furnace thermostat terminals allowing the humidistat to sense when the furnace is providing hot air. The control senses indoor relative humidity and outdoor temperature and automatically adjusts the operation time of the unit to provide optimum humidity levels in the home. Finally, with digital control you have the ability to turn the HVAC blower on to help humidify your home even if there is no call for heat. The digital readout on the control displays the relative humidity level inside the cold air return. If so desired, like other Aprilaire humidifiers you have the option of using manual control as well.

The AM 500 is also similar to the 600 in that it includes a drain that flushes minerals and particles from the unit. Installed in either your living area or the central heating and cooling system ductwork, it will have no adverse effect on any component in the furnace, air cleaner or filter. Like other Aprilaire model humidifiers, the AM 500 can be mounted on the return or supply duct and the air flow can run in either direction. The AM 500 boasts an evaporation capacity of .50 gallons per hour, or twelve gallons per day. This bypass humidifier is a proven efficient performer for homes up to 3,000 square feet in size. Upon purchasing the AM 500, you also have the option of buying the new Aprilaire 500 Humidifier Annual Maintenance Kit. This maintenance guide gives you all the parts you need to maintain your unit each year to keep it running at an optimum level. In addition to the digital humidistat and built-in bypass damper, the AM 500 features an outdoor temperature sensor, one humidifier water panel, saddle valve and a 24 Volt transformer. Other accessories include a manual mode sticker, installation instructions and an owners manual. This flow-thru bypass humidifier can be purchased for roughly $155.

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