When people hear the word “humidity,” it usually brings with it the negative connotation of the hot and humid dog days of summer. Sticky heat and unbearable humid days are never fun, but humidity plays other roles in our lives than ruining fun summer days. Whole home humidification is a process installed to help improve the humidification of your home, bringing with it a host of benefits you may not realize. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re already considering installing a system. Before you go looking for HVAC contractors in Schaumburg, IL to install your whole home humidification, read our top reasons why we think it’s a good idea for any home.

  • Lower Chance of Sickness: Viruses from the common cold to the debilitating flu all have one thing in common: they thrive in hot, dry atmospheres. What is consistently a hot dry atmosphere? Your home in the winter. Installing whole home humidification will help add moisture to this dry winter air, fighting off the cold and flu when the sickness season hots. The health issues go beyond just sickness as well. Having a home filled with dry moisture-less air can lead to dry skin and nosebleeds for persons living in your home. Improving the humidity of your home with whole home humidification will help alleviate these issues during the dry winter months.
  • Less Static Shocks: Unless you have the uncanny ability to control them with a mysterious superpower, chances are you’re not a fan of static shocks. Not only can they be a painful wakeup call when you’re least expecting them, they can also cause issues with electronic devices if they’re too powerful. Static shocks are common in the dry air of winter, and having moisture added to the air in your home with whole home humidification will help lower the chance of a shocking encounter.
  • Protect Your Home: It’s common knowledge that too much moisture in the air can do damage to your home by inducing the growth of mold and mildew, but air that’s too dry can cause damage as well. Cracking of wood floors and walls can occur if the air is too dry, and static discharge can ruin electronics. Additionally, if you have a home with musicians residing in it, dry air can ruin valuable musical instruments if not maintained. Hiring HVAC contractors in Schaumburg, IL, to install whole home humidification can help protect your home and the valuable objects inside it.
  • Lower Energy Costs: A little known fact about drier air is that it can lead to higher energy costs. When air has more moisture in it, it feels warmer to us, hence when the air drys out in the cooler winter it feels extra cold. Installing whole home humidification will help the air in your home feel the correct temperature, reducing the need to crank the heat in the winter and leading to lower heating costs.

If installing whole home humidification sounds like the right move for your household, call Approved Comfort, your local HVAC contractors in Schaumburg, IL. We’ll help keep the energy bills low, and the static shocks at bay.