When the winter season approaches, central heating for your home will become a priority. To keep the house warm, every component of your heating system has to be in correct working order. But, there may be some problems with your boiler that occurs at the worst possible time. One of these problems includes frost damage that can sometimes destroy pipes and boilers.

Conventionally, heating systems were made with frost thermostats that were put in close to the boiler. The thermostat served to stop and start a boiler until the wanted temperature was met. As the thermostat registered extra heat being released from a boiler, the heating system would shut down in order to conserve energy and avoid overheating the home.

Why You Need a Thermostat Replacement

The modernized central heating design solved the issue of heat escape by using better insulation. But in doing so, an additional issue arose. The pipes and boiler are currently more insulated in an attempt to conserve some energy. So, with this change frost thermostats will no longer have the ability to determine the temperature accurately. Consequently, wasteful overheating easily occurs.

A pipe thermostat is one solution to this problem. It gets installed upon a boiler return pipe, detects alterations within pipe temperature, and avoids overheating by shutting down the system as needed.

  • Approved Comfort sells frost thermostats and low limitation pipe thermostats within one kit.
  • The products permit you to adjust the room temperature and offer frost protection for pipes and boilers.

If a pipe thermostat doesn’t meet your needs, there are additional solutions available such as a completely programmable room thermostat. These devices could be put in numerous places throughout your home, typically in the bedroom or living room. Their job is to monitor and measure the room’s temperature to ensure you and your family are always comfortable.

Thermostats are an obviously important part of a heating system, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t additional considerations to heating the home as efficiently as possible. With programmable thermostats, you have the ability to separate your house into zones. Zoning capabilities allow you to heat up only the rooms that are occupied. This reduces heating bills while also heating your home more efficiently – it’s a win-win!

Thermostat Battery Replacement

At Approved Comfort, we provide seasonal programming of your thermostat as well as battery replacement. Programmable thermostats are a wise idea, but oftentimes a homeowner doesn’t keep up with seasonal battery replacement and programming.

Don’t live in discomfort – just call Approved Comfort today and we’ll ensure your thermostats are working as they should!