If you are experiencing any of the following, your AC compressor may be failing:

  • No cool air: If your AC compressor isn’t working, it can hinder the cooling process.
  • Hard starts: If your AC shakes and shutters violently every time you turn it on, your compressor may be busted.
  • Strange sounds: Unfamiliar rattling or banging sounds may be a sign of a failing compressor.
  • Tripped circuit breaker: A malfunctioning compressor can cause your circuit breaker to trip which cuts power to your AC. If this happens frequently, there’s a good chance your compressor is failing.

Your AC compressor has the hard job of turning cool, low pressure gas into hot, high pressure gas. This is just one step in the complex multi-step cooling process, but if it fails, the entire AC unit fails.

How to Avoid AC Compressor Failure

As a rule of thumb, it’s always good to maintain and clean your air conditioner. Proper maintenance may not only prevent compressor failure, but on the whole it will keep your air conditioning unit operating at peak efficiency and design performance.

We recommend the following AC maintenance regimen:

  • Frequently clean the air filter
  • Ensure the air filter is properly fitted to the intake vent
  • Replace filters about once every two months

Benefits of AC Compressor Repair and Replacement

  • Lower energy bills
  • Decreased chance of needing future repairs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Peace of mind

At Approved Comfort, we will troubleshoot your specific compressor problems, but also come prepared to evaluate the health of your entire system and tackle any other unexpected AC issues.

Don’t delay—get Approved Comfort on the job and let us help with all of your AC compressor problems.