The air handler is the component of your AC unit that is ultimately responsible for air circulation. This is an extremely important function, so if your air handler is faulty, it can force your system to work twice as hard for sub-par performance. At Approved Comfort, our AC experts are trained and certified to diagnose and repair all air conditioning problems, including air handler related issues.

Common Air Handler Problems

  • Damaged Coils: Air conditioning coils actually cool the air. So if your air conditioning system’s coils are dirty or damaged, the air handler will not be able to efficiently circulate cool air as it should.
  • Faulty Blower: Blowers are responsible for distributing cooled air through the ductwork in your home or business.  If the blower’s wiring is in any way damaged, this will also prevent the air handler from appropriately operating.
  • Poor Electrical Connections:  Poor electrical connections will naturally cause many problems and must be properly maintained, ideally by a trained professional. Faulty electrical connections may cause a continuous strain on your air handler causing damage due to overuse.
  • Clogged Air Filters: Cleaning and replacing air filters should always be included as part of your regular air conditioning maintenance plan. Dirty air filters cause endless air conditioning problems, making it absolutely worth it to check in and take care of this at least once every two months or so depending on usage. Also, check to make your filters are properly sized and installed.

Benefits of Air Handler Repair and Replacement

  • Lower energy bills
  • Decreased chance of need for future repairs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Peace of mind

At Approved Comfort, we provide up-front pricing along with service guarantees and seasonal rebates. Our expert staff of technicians is committed to meeting your needs in a prompt and professional manner.

If your AC is malfunctioning at all, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Approved Comfort, so we can determine if your problems are air handler-related. At Approved Comfort, we make it our business to keep you cool!