In-home comfort means a lot of things, but probably starts with the temperature. If your house is too cold in the winter time, you and your family will struggle to do day-to-day activities. Having a temperature that’s just right for you and your needs is important, which is why you need a boiler system that works hard each and every day.

If you already have a boiler system, you know that it doesn’t just work to heat your home, but also your water. So, in order to keep everything in perfect working order, it’s important to have your system regularly maintained. Boiler maintenance and services must be performed by a trained technician at least once a year to keep it performing optimally. The best time to call Approved Comfort for this service is before the cold months hit so you can be sure your system will push through the entire winter season.

Here, at Approved Comfort, we don’t just focus on boiler maintenance, but any and all services you may need, including installation and repair.

Boiler Installation

Until something goes wrong, you probably don’t think about the fact that, eventually, you will have to replace your current boiler and install a new one. If you are having consistent problems with your system, it might be time to consider replacement sooner than you thought:

  1. Safety: Older boilers need a fresh supply of combustion air regularly, so if maintenance hasn’t been a top priority, that could become a safety hazard.
  2. Efficiency: Like all machinery, it gets better with technology. Boilers are no different and today’s advanced models can be up to 35% more efficient than ones of the past.
  3. Reliability: Rest easy knowing that your boiler isn’t old or inefficient, and that it won’t stop working when you need it most.

Boiler Repair

We are trained in all aspects of boiler repair and know what it takes to get your system back to working like it should. Sometimes, it’s as easy as changing up the thermostat, and other times it’s a bit more complex. But no matter what the situation, we can help make sure you and your family are comfortable.

When it comes to your boiler needs, you need a company that not only cares about your boiler, but about you, your family, and your comfort. And that’s us. Call Approved Comfort today!