As you are probably well-aware, central air conditioning systems are utilized to circulate cool air within an enclosed room. Beyond cooling down a home, they additionally assist with dehumidifying incoming air within humid conditions.

For your own knowledge, there are 2 different kinds of central air conditioners: split system and cabinet-based.

  • Split system: 

    Split system ACs are comprised of two portions. There is an outdoor portion (consisting of the condenser and compressor) and an indoor portion (consisting of the furnace, as well as evaporator coil). The indoor portion should be mounted upon the wall on the interiors of rooms, whereas the outer portion is to be placed on the exterior of the home or building.

  • Cabinet-based system: With a cabinet-based system, all components should be placed underneath a single cabinet. These units are smaller and are more efficient in cooling smaller homes or buildings.

Central AC systems are quiet and convenient. They assist in saving energy and decreasing utility bills. A British thermal unit, or BTU, is utilized to measure the heat output, or the quantity of electricity required to run it. The lesser the British thermal unit count, the better the AC unit will be.

Our technicians adhere to specific maintenance regulations when checking on an AC unit:

  • We will wash or replace the central air conditioning unit’s air filter one time every month throughout the summertime (from May to September). This is important, as filters become dirty over time and can become clogged with pollen and dust. While one of the air filter’s primary functions is to circulate and clean air within a home, it’s vital that its filters are kept clean and fresh.
  • We will clean your water drain within the central AC unit. Water can condense inside of the air as the central AC unit cools the air. Many central AC units possess a drain which collects the water. It’s important to clean the drain prior to summer beginning because, if the drain leaks or becomes blocked, the final result is safety and/or water damage.
  • We will clean air ducts. We get rid of debris within the ducts, then remove it by utilizing high-powered vacuum cleaners. We might additionally use tools which eliminate microbiological contaminants. This is important, as permitting pollen, dust and moisture to remain within the unit can create a breeding space for mold spores.

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