You’ve probably heard of central air, but did you know there’s such a thing as central heat too? Central heating units are typically separated into three categories: radiant systems, gravity systems, and forced-air systems.

  • Forced-air: These system rely upon electric blower fans that force heated air throughout a system of ducts to attain the location that’s desired.
  • Gravity: Gravity systems rely upon the thermodynamic properties of the heated air that will rise to distribute the heat to rooms that will typically be placed above a furnace.
  • Radiant: These systems rely on circulating steam, hot water, and electrical elements that are inside walls, under floors, or within ceilings to distribute heat.

Geothermal Central Heating

These up and coming heating systems, gethermal units work on the same principal as a heat pump except instead of relying upon the exterior air as a source of cooling and heating, it relies upon the consistent temperature of the planet.

The biggest benefit to having a geothermal system is their capability of providing highly cost-effective cooling and heating, as they don’t utilize fossil fuels to power their temperature mechanism.

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