Replace or repair? This question will forever be a hard decision. You do not wish to spend cash upon a newer system, yet you are also tired of wasting good money on constant repairs. What should you decide to do? Approved Comfort is here to tell you that the answer to this question boils down to the age and condition of your air conditioner system.

If you’ve been keeping the equipment correctly maintained by licensed AC technicians, perhaps the present repair will be isolated to one easy issue and not be indicative of a huge or recurring problem. If this is the case, then it makes sense for you to repair the issue. Because it is a machine, it is important to consider an air conditioner’s efficiency, as well as how much wear and tear can effect its efficiency. Don’t forget about your month-to-month utility bill, either.

Importance of AC Efficiency

The SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, rates the efficiency of AC units. A unit that is roughly 10 years old likely had an 8 SEER unit at purchase time. Over a period of time, the AC unit wears down and operates at about a 5-6 SEER level. The higher a SEER rating, the higher the efficiency of the unit. In 2006, the minimum AC SEER rating was increased to 13. Based upon the level of efficiency of modernized equipment, upgrading to a new AC unit will be affordable. Not to mention, the cash saved upon the utility bill from upgrading should pay for the unit itself. Therefore, transitioning from the 8 SEER to an 18 SEER unit permits increased performance at your present budget.

As the AC begins to give you a bit of trouble, it is best to call an technician. However, as you contact technicians more frequently, bills will add up and you will be left with the exact same inefficient, outdated unit. A newer unit will produce cooler air, and use less energy. Less energy will mean lower utility bills, meaning that you might be paying for a newer unit, instead of keeping your old one on life support.

At Approved Comfort, we will assist you in selecting the ideal air conditioning unit while staying in your budget. Bigger will not always be better. We will examine your commercial business to make sure the proper size air conditioning unit is chosen for maximum comfort and cooling. We have a huge category of experience with several various brands of air conditioning units including the American Standard.

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