Commercial Heating Lake in the Hills, IL

If you own a commercial property and are in need of HVAC or heating services, look no further. At Approved Comfort, our technicians are courteous, always provide fast service at an affordable rate and are skilled in all aspects of HVAC service and repair work.

Our Commercial Services

  • Heating System Repair and Replacement: Our commercial heating service and heater repair contractors are prepared to assist you in all manners of heating system installation, repair, and maintenance.
  • Central Heating Systems: Our HVAC contractors will help choose the central heating system that’s right for your business and be there for you in all aspects of the installation process.
  • Forced-Air Systems: Forced-air systems reply upon ductwork and vent to operate, so it may require some additional work during installation. At Approved Comfort, we can help your business get situated with everything it needs to house a forced-air system.
  • Roof Top Units and Heat Pumps: The heat pump is a device or machine which moves heat from a single location (a source) to an additional location (sink or the heat sink) utilizing mechanical work. Heat pump technology moves heat from lower temperature heat sources to the high temperature heat sinks. Typical examples are food freezers and refrigerators, reversible-cycle heating pumps for offering thermal comfort, and air conditioners.
  • Heating Thermostat Replacement: You want to make sure your business is always comfortable. This, in part, is due to having a properly functioning thermostat. At Approved Comfort, we can come out and repair or replace any thermostat that’s having problems. We may even suggest upgrades, as today’s “smart” thermostats will go a much longer way in terms of comfort!

If you run or own a business, you understand that the well-being and comfort of your customers and employees is your most vital responsibility. That’s why having a well-maintained HVAC system is so important. Ultimately, taking care of your system could save your company money and develop the type of environment which keeps workers happy and safe while leaving consumers with a great impression.

The bonded, licensed, and insured HVAC contractors here at Approved Comfort will be the reliable, knowledgeable partners you need to keep your business warm during the winter months. Call us today!