Tankless water heaters have been in use throughout Europe and Asia for decades as people have used them as domestic hot water heaters. The technology behind tankless water heaters has been adapted by North American manufacturers in particular in the last decade. These devices areĀ able to handle the more demanding rates of water flow found in the majority of whole-house residential U.S. and Canadian applications. Tankless water heaters are especially popular in apartments, condominiums, single-family homes, mobile homes and manufactured homes, vacation properties and guest houses. Hotel/motel operators, builders and even real estate developers have benefitted from the added value that tankless water heaters have brought to their projects in recent years.

While the large majority of tankless water heater purchases in North America have been for whole-home residential water heating applications, there are others as well that have become quite popular. These include:

  • Solar or geothermal water heater booster
  • Radiant/hydronic heating
  • Commercial water heating
  • Hair/beauty salons
  • Boosters in commercial laundry facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Spas
  • Schools, churches and other organizations
  • Emergency showers and eyewash stations

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